Urban Informatics

Quantifying the Urban Exposome

The 21st century would witness one of the largest urban migration in human history. A lot of research has gone into understanding the effects of urban life on human physical and mental health. The results have been unanimous: The urban environment has long lasting impacts on our well being. These impacts , albeit sometime negative, are correctable using simple but effective measures. These interventions often come in the form of urban design changes or changes in the way people use the city.

Press cover for Facelift

I am very happy to announce the publication of “FaceLift: a transparent deep learning framework to beautify urban scenes” in the Royal soceity open science journal Facelift is a Deeplearning driven algorithm, that goes beyond assessing beauty in urban scenes (streetviews) – as done by other studies in the field – and recreates the elements that can make any given urban scene more beautiful. It then explains away the elements behind the beauty using metrics which are commonly understood by the target users of this system such as Urban Planners and Architects.

FaceLift: a transparent deep learning framework to beautify urban scenes

In the area of computer vision, deep learning techniques haverecently been used to predict whether urban scenes are likely tobe considered beautiful: it turns out that these techniques areable to make accurate predictions. Yet they fall short when …

Mapping and Visualizing Deep-Learning Urban Beautification

Information visualization has great potential to make sense of the increasing amount of data generated by complex machine-learning algorithms. We design a set of visualizations for a new deep-learning algorithm called FaceLift …