complex networks

Social networks and health

We as a soceity have accepted the internet as an extension of the self. The online disinhibition effect sometimes allows us to open up to strangers online. This means, sometimes, the internet fills the gaps in intimacy, care, and support craved by the millions who are suffering or under distress. In this project, I explore the world of online support forums, using methods from complex networks and NLP to understand the nature of online support.

Characterising User Content on a Multi-lingual Social Network

Social media has been on the vanguard of political information diffusion in the 21st century. Most studies that look into disinformation, political influence and fake-news focus on mainstream social media platforms. This has inevitably made English …

Stop Tracking Me Bro! Differential Tracking Of User Demographics On Hyper-partisan Websites

Websites with hyper-partisan, left or right-leaning focus offer content that is typically biased towards the expectations of their target audience. Such content often polarizes users, who are repeatedly primed to specific (extreme) content, usually …

How do online communities of people with long-term conditions function and evolve? Network analysis of the structure and dynamics of the Asthma UK and British Lung Foundation (BLF) online communities.

Illuminating an ecosystem of partisan websites

This paper aims to shed light on alternative news media ecosys-tems that are believed to have influenced opinions and beliefs byfalse and/or biased news reporting during the 2016 US PresidentialElections. We examine a large, professionally curated …

Structure and dynamics of online patients’ communities: the case of Asthma UK and BLF online fora